Photos provided by DEKI Photography 

Photos provided by DEKI Photography 

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The mission of Our Fairy Godmother is to provide young women with prom dresses. 


At the end of her junior year, finding the perfect prom dress was not an issue for Jinhee Lee. Instead, it was the unaffordable price tag of the dress - a price that almost kept her from attending prom. Just days before prom night, Lee was fortunately able to borrow a beautiful dress and was off to dance the night away.

Experiencing the difficulties of simply finding a dress for the night because of her financial situations inspired her to think: "How many girls miss out on prom just because of the cost?" It occurred to her that countless girls are unable to enjoy their prom nights, due to the amount of the money they were required to spend. To make matters worst, Lee also realized that most girls wear these dresses for just one night, only to put it back in their closets afterwards to collect dust.

After pondering on this issue, Lee came up with a simple yet effective solution. Why not gather all the prom dresses that are collecting dust and sell them for $10?! Immediately she put her thoughts into action, and Lee began to draft 25 letters designated to different schools in the South Jersey area. "Please join my cause in collecting prom dresses for girls who are financially unstable! Ask your students to donate their gently used dresses and I will come pick up all the dresses at the end of February." As an incentive, Lee stated that the school that collected the greatest amount of dresses would receive all the profit made from the dress sales. After receiving an incredible response, Lee decided to establish an organization, now known as "Our Fairy Godmother."

Founded in 2012, "Our Fairy Godmother" seeks to ensure that young women have the opportunity to enjoy their high school prom nights, without having to pay the hundreds of dollars on a beautiful prom dress. Although the organization started as a small effort by one individual, throughout the years "Our Fairy Godmother" has gained many supporters and donators who share a passion for this initiative. It is our hope that "Our Fairy Godmother" will only continue to inspire others to take action and provide even more opportunities for more young women.

Through the help of the community, Lee has been able to collect over 2,000 dresses. Today, the prom dress drive has expanded to Central Jersey, and Rutgers University. High schools, neighborhoods, sororities, philanthropic organizations, and many more have teamed together to collect dresses. These dresses have given numerous young women the opportunity to attend their prom and create a night to remember.

If you’re financially unstable, prom isn’t the only event you are unable to attend. It’s not fair you have to miss out on experiences due to your financial circumstances. I’m dedicated to collecting dresses and providing opportunities.
— Jinhee Lee