Are the dresses I donate tax deductible? 

Unfortunately, we do not have a 501c3 status; therefore, the donations we receive are unable to be marked as tax deductible. 

I have many dresses, but they are all short! Will you still take them? 

Yes! Yes! and Yes! Although our mission is to provide girls with dresses for Prom, we donate the dresses to different organizations that can find homes for the dresses. Long or short - we will take them. 

Wait, I also have shoes I only wore once! Will you take them? 

Again, yes! Yes! and Yes! We would love to find a Cinderella for your glass slippers. 

Do you take suits? 

We would love to, but as of right now, we do not have the capacity to take in suits. Hopefully, as the organization grows, we will be able to collect suits as well. 

Where do all the dresses go after the events? 

In the past, we have donated the remaining dresses to Lourdes Health System's Osborn Family Health Center's prom gown drive, benefiting the young women of Brim Medical School Arts School in Camden. Other remaining dresses have been donated to Image and Attitude Inc. and a missionary in Haiti.